TPEG - Tankersley Pilley Environment Group


TPEG was founded in 2004 with the aim of improving and maintaining the physical environment of Tankersley and Pilley.  It has undertaken a series of visible tasks including

  • Planting over 13,000 bulbs in the Parish
  • Erecting the village stones
  • Providing a benches in various parts of the Parish
  • Planting trees in Lidgett Lane and Pocket Park playing fields

It has also undertaken various maintenance tasks such as

  • Cutting back growth on footpaths and in woodlands
  • Litter picking (not a job we enjoy but necessary if we want to keep the Parish looking good)
  • and most recently, tidying up the rose bed in front of the Welfare Hall

Membership is open to all members of the community who share our aims and are willing to spend an hour or so every so often to help achieve them.  There are no regular meetings, though there is a General Meeting on 10 June at 7.30 in the Welfare Hall to which all are invited.  A significant part of this meeting will be to identify new and continuing tasks.  Activities are usually arranged by email.


For more information contact or call 01226 351838


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